A slew of magical pets has been stolen, and it's up to you to rescue them from the tenacious claws of the crafty thief! Follow the trail of the cunning crook who committed this audacious crime, open the cages and free the pets! Enjoy fantastic animals and breathtaking scenes of a magical world as you embark on an enchanted Mahjong Magic Journey!
  • More than 100 original levels
  • Unlockable achievements
  • Fantastic animals and magical world

Player reviews

I'm a fan of this kind of Mahjong, I really am, I enjoyed the pirate theme, I liked the magician theme and I like this dragon magic theme. But even I have to say "can we move along please" can we try to design something totally new? As with the other two recent (very recent) releases, there are 6 levels of difficulty from apprentice to master. Within each level are 20 rooms with various tile layouts. You can choose from 3 different tile sets, dragons, numbers and classic. There are 12 trophies or achievements to earn and there is a feature that allows you to highlight available tiles, but that kind of defeats the skill part of it. Each level is timed and you need to complete the level within a set amount of time in order to earn the 3 gold stars that are available in each room. The game is complete when all gold tiles are matched even if regular tiles are still remaining. Don't get me wrong, I like this game, I just think they need to stop releasing the same game that has been tweaked a bit to appear new, enjoy!