The magical pets have been caged! Follow the trail and find the predator that committed this audacious crime. Play through 120 unique levels in six wonderful and unexplored worlds. Collect the puzzles, rescue the magical pets from the tenacious claws of the crafty thief and free the pets in Mosaics Galore!.
  • Fantastic animals and scenes of a magical world
  • Numerous achievements
  • Save the magical pets from captivity!
  • Top-1 card&board on Big Fish Games!
  • Top-28 PC game on Big Fish Games!

Player reviews

This is an excellent game with many good points. If you like tangram and jigsaw puzzles this is a kind of a mix of the two. The game itself though whilst may perhaps look like a child's game is no picnic. The first few levels as always with these types of games are relatively easy, and can be completed with relative ease and all three keys collected. After around level 6 though things get tricky and it may take a couple of times to get all three keys (top marks). The game does severely test hand/eye and mouse usage, the time limits are quite tight and as such you need to be precise in what you are doing and where you are positioning your pieces with regards to placement in the puzzle. You get three keys per level, you are guaranteed one key as that is just for finishing the level, the second is for no mistakes in placement and the third is for completing within the time limit. As I say the first one as far as I can tell you will always get it is the other two that are the trickier ones to obtain. A couple of tips 1) There is a 30 second buzzer that alerts you to your time, if you are trying to get all three keys don't let this put you off as there maybe a tendency to try and rush which is of course when mistakes occur, 2) The number of pieces in the bar that you can place are 'rigid' in other words you can't scroll down to look for other pieces and you have to place one of the currently shown pieces before it will give you any more, on top of this the new piece will be placed any where within the 'strip'. To some this maybe a frustration but to me it added to the challenge of the game. There is always one that is relatively easy to place but it is finding that one on top of everything else that needs to be completed within the game. A couple of other good things about this game. 1) The fact that it has a left-handed mode, being a 'leftie' myself I thought this a good addition, basically it puts the puzzle pieces to the left-hand side of the screen, which if you are left-handed it makes more sense as this is the way your brain focuses, though due to a lifetime of having to 'conform' I find I can use either way but, it is a nice touch. 2) It may take a couple of run-through's to get all three keys, but beware that each time you repeat the same puzzle it is a different layout so you can't really fully memorise the setup. 3) If you are new to a mouse whether it be child or adult this is a good game to play as it does test your mouse skills. Graphics are nice and chunky and keeping in well with the overall feel of the game, the soundtrack is also good and in keeping with the casual, puzzle nature of the game it is a nice ambient soundtrack. If you are a fan of these types of games I would highly recommend it. If you have a passing interest in puzzle, tangram games then I would defiantly download the free trial, so you can get a good feel of the game.
A very fine mosaic game indeed. Everything about it is superb. Top-notch graphics, faultless game play, fine sound effects, and beautiful zen-type music to help you on your journey to find and rescue all the pets. I reached level 25 in the demo, and the difficulty level was rising. There are 120 levels in total. Each mosaic is of an animal or other nature-related subject, and they are brilliantly constructed with pleasing colours. In each level, you can attain a total of 3 keys. First key is for completing the level, second key is for making no mistakes, and third key is for completing in the allotted time. You have to be fairly exact in your placements, to obtain no mistakes. At end of each level these 'keys' are turned into coins, which can be used to refill the hint button, or used during the level to 'buy' more time. All in all, a brilliant mosaic game which should satisfy any fan of the genre.#Only very small gripe is that it wasn't obvious how to exit to the main menu. It is actually a small stylised arrow on top of the lamp post#. Enjoy!