Travel the world's most exciting festivals, help the countess find rare masks and become a real detective of the Ancien Régime! The finest places of the world will spin you around in the melodies of carnivals and leave you with indelible impressions! Diverse Brazil, ancient Asia and indigenous Africa await your arrival as you embark on the romantic adventure of a lifetime!
  • More than 100 original levels
  • Truly magnificent trophies
  • An 18th century carnival atmosphere!

Player reviews

I expect the spelling error in the word carnival is deliberate? In any case this is another good offering of mahjong from 8 Floor games. You visit six countries in a quest to obtain carnival masks. There are 20 boards to play in each country, and you can achieve up to 3 Stars in each board. One star is for removing a set number of golden tiles, the second star is for achieving a pre-determined score, and the third is for completing the board in a set number of moves. There is a 'speed' meter, whereby if you play fast enough, your score gets progressively multiplied. There is an automated shuffle and there does not appear to be a time limit. Ambient music is pleasant, but repetitive, in a loop. Graphics are very good, full screen, and there are 3 tile sets to choose from, at least at the start - there may be more as you progress. There are 12 trophies to be won along the way, and going by play in the demo, this is not going to be an easy feat!. In fact, by the end of the demo, I had only just managed to get my 3 stars on board two, after many goes at it. All in all, I do recommend this game for lovers of mahjong.
Another great Mahjong game with 6 carnival rooms filled with many different patterns of Mahjong layouts. You can earn 12 different trophies and each game gives you 1-3 stars for meeting that games criteria of removing all gold tiles, completing the game in a certain amount of moves and completing the game within a certain time frame. You can choose from 3 different tile settings, classic, numbers and the carnival themed settings. This game is just like the other Mahjong games of late so I think it just depends on the theme of the tiles as to which one suits you best, personally I liked the pirate themed and the mythical themed the best, enjoy!