Magical pets have gone missing all across the land. Can you find them and put a stop to the pet thief? Travel across 6 magical and unexplored worlds to free them. Along your way, earn points to unlock additional areas. Solve over 100 nonogram puzzles and challenge yourself to complete all the achievements.
  • Play 120 nonogram style puzzles
  • Earn challenging achievements along your way
  • Earn points to unlock additional game areas

Player reviews

I loved this relaxing game of griddlers so much that I will probably buy it. There are 6 rooms which are actually cages that require a certain amount of earned keys to unlock and release various pets contained within. The first room is the Enchanted Forest which needs 60 keys, Golden Sands requires 40 keys, Soaring Island requires 80 keys, Dragon Mountain requires 140 keys, Frozen Hills requires 200 keys, and Black Castle requires 300 keys. There are achievements to earn and some tiles contain coins which can be used to purchase upgrades such as 2 starting hints, the right for a mistake x3 or refill the hints on that level. This game has a good tutorial and the levels progress nicely, enjoy!
This is the 2nd grinder game I've played. I just bought Olympus Gridders and was getting addicted. I also love the magic theme so had to try this one too. I like the goal of collecting the keys to rescue the magic animals. The other game has little story to it. The back ground music is very relaxing as well. Will buy with the free token I collected from my March games. It's a great change from so many Hidden Object games.