Hello! Today I would like to show you the process of level development for our relaxing puzzle game. The creation of the next bird was inspired by a variety of creatures: here are the Phoenix, an eagle and even some elements of the Dragonhawk :) Work starts with a sketch
We approve the sketch and then decide what material should be used for the current image. The game includes such materials: paper, fabric, stone, glass, precious stone. Before applying the materials to the picture, our team discusses which one would be the most suitable for each sketch. For example: for this image we used paper material. After approvement we choose a set of textures for the level:
Once the textures have been chosen, we import vector picture from Adobe Illustrator to Adobe Photoshop. Each piece is a separate layer.
The first step is to apply a texture to the layer:
Then we apply "paper bruising" texture to the main texture, it looks like this:
The result looks like this:
Piece by piece we apply the textures, adjust colors and get the result:
And now, the process of image preparing for importing to the game begins. We need to start with merging each piece with it's textures. After merging the layers will look like this:
When a PSD file is prepared, we run our utility that saves each layer to a separate file + creates a small copy of the layer (the icon that we are using in the game). Also, the utility creates an XML file describing the positions of all the pieces. Here you can see the sliced level in the folder:
Than we run a utility that merges all the pieces into one big texture:
And finally we are ready to test the level in the game:
Level by level we prepare 150 puzzles for our game. The game with this picture is not yet released, and is coming soon to the casual portals, as well as to the Steam Greenlight!

If the article was interesting for you, please support the first part of this game at Greenlight:

Thank you for reading!

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