From early childhood Victoria D'Artagnan dreamt of becoming the royal musketeer. One day, she was given a chance to realize that dream. She learned that the Crown Prince was wrongly imprisoned and would handsomely reward anyone brave enough to save him and help return the throne to its rightful place. Without hesitation, Victoria set out on a journey to rescue the Prince. Join her on this unforgettable adventure!

It’s one for all and all for one!
  • More than 8 hours of adventure
  • 45 bright levels
  • Original crafting system
  • Intriguing mini-games

  • Top-1 time-manager on Big Fish Games!
  • Top-17 PC game on Big Fish Games!

Player reviews

I loved the graphics on this TM game which requires you to pick and choose your tasks carefully, otherwise you will not be able to get enough resources to finish the level. If you aren't familiar with Time Management games, I suggest you choose the casual setting, multi-clicking can sometimes get you in trouble because you eat up precious time if you choose the wrong tasks at the wrong time. The goal is to achieve three stars which tends to be somewhat difficult with this game. Great entertainment, especially if you enjoy fast paced games that make you think, enjoy!
First, I have to say that this TM is different then any TM games I have. You really need to plan ahead with this game because you don't you get stuck. For example: On level 2, there's two buildings you have to build. 1. The Bakery and the 2.the sawmill. Normally, on other TM games you get the resources but not on this one. First time I did it, I build the bakery but when I came to the sawmill I didn't have the resources to build it. I was stuck. So I did it again this time building the sawmill first and THEN build the bakery. It worked. Also you also need to build some things (like a fishing rod) to complete the level. This game is between a TM and strategy game. You can do it casual or multi click. It's not timed (If it's timed I didn't see it) mainly because you have to plan ahead. Please try the demo because this one id totally different.