The Universe exists balancing between Chaos and Creation. They bring harmony and equilibrium; they are watching the flow of life. But, when one of the forces prevails, the world becomes unrecognizable. And so it happened once, when the furious God of Chaos decided to wipe all the life off the Earth.

And now only the Goddess of Creation is able to bring everything back and tame the heart of the God of Chaos.
  • 150 vibrant levels
  • Fascinating mini-games
  • Charming and relaxing music

Mosaic: Game of Gods
  • Top-1 card&board on Big Fish Games!
  • Top-30 PC game on Big Fish Games!

Player reviews

I'm not sure if it's the same developer or not, but I own the 'Mosaics Galore' game and this is quite similar in gameplay. The title of the game drew my attention and then after seeing the parrot picture I had to give it a try - being a parrot owner and enthusiast. I'm glad I did! I'll warn you at the get-go, I only played this game for six minutes before deciding to buy it. I rarely do that. But the game gives you the option of timed or normal mode (so if you don't like one you can use the other). So with several modes of gameplay, it should satisfy anyone. There is also a 'fever mode' where you have to really rush to complete the puzzle. There is a great trophy system and the music is quite pleasant. The main game screen plays what sounds like a modern pop song you'd hear on the radio. That's different.
Really enjoying this. In reading other players' comments, I left the music on. Became monotonous to me after 20 puzzles, so I muted it. The music at the Intro Page is very cool though I don't mind the click & drag at all The backgrounds are easy to distinguish from the pieces' colors. I'm only a quarter of the way through though Took everyone's advice and am playing Untimed Beautiful and colorful scenes. Relaxing and enjoyable play. I recommend this game