The Goddess of Creation and the God of Chaos managed to restore peace and harmony in the Universe, but one powerful and evil creature did not like it. And Darkness was its name. It cursed the Goddess in order to make the God of Chaos its again. But the Darkness did not know that the God of Chaos will never leave his beloved in trouble. And now he needs to do his best to save the Goddess and return the balance to the Universe again.
  • Relaxing gameplay
  • Intriguing plot
  • 150 vibrant levels
  • Charming and relaxing music
  • Top-1 Card&Board on Big Fish Games!
  • Top-29 PC game on Big Fish Games!

Player reviews

I am head-over-heels in love with Mosaic: Game of Gods II. Here, finally after waiting for what seemed an eternity, another mosaic game has arrived. I own all the mosaic games of this type and I must say this one is, IMO, over-the-top fantastic. It is different from the others in several ways. First of all, it has a storyline: The wicked Darkness hated the beautiful Goddess and wanted to destroy her. She turned her into a tree and separated her soul into seven pieces, scattering them into all the other worlds. The God of Chaos loves the Goddess and wants desperately to save his beloved from the horrible curse. So this fable is responsible for the creation of this delightful game. There are 150 glorious levels. The subjects are so beautiful. The designs, materials, colors, subject matter are perfectly done. There is such a variation in color and material design that I just take great delight in sitting here ogling it much as I can, all the levels are locked until the one you are presently working in is finished...they open one at a time like in the other mosaic games. You can make out what the pictures are behind the padlock, enough to see that they are all stunning, especially the animals (for me). My good friend, the magnifying glass, is helping me out! If there was a timer, I did not notice, but usually you can still earn stars even when the time runs out in all the mosaic games, as I recollect. I can't comment on the challenge, I've not really encountered much of it in the 5 levels I have completed thus far. _You earn points for each piece successfully placed. _There is a score multiplier, so the faster you place the pieces, the bigger it gets. _Earn 1 star for each completed level. _Earn 2 stars for each level with no mistakes. _Earn 3 stars completing a level using no hints. _There are 7 trophies to earn. _The music is beautiful with a mystical sound to it. _The pieces are very easy to lay down. _There is no clunky sound effect associated with it. _It is a quiet, soothing game. I hope you get as much pleasure from this lovely collection of creative art as I am. AND what a great sale today! God Bless...
Usually, these mosaic games are automatically in a Timed mode, and recently they finally started adding a Relaxed mode with no timer. Unless I missed the Timed option feature, the only way you can play this game is in a Relaxed mode! I absolutely love that I can take my time and just relax, and I love the beautiful pictures that come in a variety of materials. The goal is to take a puzzle piece shape from the ribbon on the right and place it correctly onto the incomplete puzzle, with each piece placed, other pieces arrive to take its place until the puzzle is completed. You will earn 3 stars for each completed puzzle with no mistakes, a star is removed with each mistake. There are also 7 Trophies or achievements to earn, and a total of 150 Mosaic puzzles, enjoy!