Save Dracula from the unspeakable horror of pesky relatives in this thrilling new adventure! When a gaggle of Dracula's distant kinfolk shows up at his castle expecting a warm welcome from their cold-blooded host, he begrudgingly accommodates them. But when they won't leave, his patience wears thin. To send them on their way and reclaim his former title as Lord of the Castle, he'll have to capture the creature that demolished his family's estates and return their homes to pristine condition. Join Dracula and his zombified servant Rufus as they travel far and wide to track the beast and repair the damage it has done. To complete each quest and earn the best rewards, you'll have to manage your time and resources well. With colorful graphics, challenging missions, and a storyline full of laughs, Incredible Dracula III: Family Secret Collector's Edition goes for the jugular and hits the funny bone!
  • Thrilling main quest and bonus chapter
  • Colorful graphics and animation
  • Timed or relaxed gameplay
  • Simple point-and-click controls
  • Comprehensive tutorial and walkthrough
  • Top-1 time-manager on Big Fish Games!
  • Top-6 PC game on Big Fish Games!
  • Top-4 Mac game on Big Fish Games!

Player reviews

I bought this without a trial--which I never do. This is the best TM series out there. Funny, great graphics, smooth gameplay, interesting venues, lots of challenges. If you're not a vampire fan, don't let the subject matter turn you away. Dracula is a hero--or at least trying to be. (Though without Rufus and the gang, I don't imagine he'd get much accomplished.) Like game 2 (which found Drac's family and everyone in town entranced by their cell phones), Dracula has to deal with another modern problem common among those of us who still have a heartbeat. This time our "hero" has relatives overstaying their welcome because a mistake from his past is terrorizing the kingdom. The sense of humor in this series adds a great deal to the enjoyment, and I love how the princess (from games 1&2) is still demanding Dracula fix all her kingdom's problems. I do think this one was a bit easier than the previous. But I STILL can't get 3 stars on some of the levels of games 1&2, so I appreciated getting them all this time. Though I had to replay some levels a few times to do it. Hope the developers continue the series. How about Dracula's kids dating? Or his wife dealing with a "mid-eternity" crisis? Or finding Frankie his true love? Just keep 'em coming.
I have been playing old time management games for days because I am so sick of the HOGs that assault us on a daily basis from BFG (not their fault; they can only give what they receive). I couldn't believe my eyes this morning when I say Incredible Dracula as the game of the day (doing happy dance)!!! I absolutely love Incredible Dracula games! I was a bit bummed after the last one because the title kind of insinuated that was the final game (The Last Call) , but HALLELUJAH, I was mistaken! I am obsessed with TM games, and this game does not disappoint. Yes, it is similar to previous games, but so what. Can anyone say that the never ending, mind-numbing HOG games assaulting us on a daily basis is not similar to every other HOG that "hogs" the daily games? I think not. I find this game challenging and fun. Add to trying to beat the clock the challenge of finding the "hidden" statues, pet treats, etc. Yep, great game! You don't like TM games ... good for you. But, are you not like walking zombies watching the dark, depressing HOGs you have to choose from (exception: Christmas Stories The Gift of Magi)? Give us TM players a break. Ignore the game and wait for the next repetitive HOG from the developers that have that market down pat. In the time, I'm going to enjoy every time challenge provided with this fun game. Thank you BFG!!! MORE TM GAMES PLEASE!! :D